Hi, this is the first time i joined the chat. :P

Why do you both have ponies as your display picture?

New arrivalEdit

Our story begins here, it's somewhere around the early months of 2010.

It's quiet in the Halo wikia chat, just two individuals talking about their favorite things; Characters of a show about technicolor equines and the Science Fiction game the wiki bears the name of.

While i personally can not simply recall what was exactly discussed, i can only guess.

The two individuals conversing with one another were: HaloArbiter117, a cheerful , and a generally laid back person, Bearing the picture of a certain rainbow maned pony for an avatar.

The other person, an admin, was Ultra Force; strict but righteous and generally kindhearted.

~HaloReplicas has joined the chat.~

"Hi, this is the first time i joined the chat. :P

So, what's up?"

HaloReplicas exclaimed, just as he noticed that the two people in the chat had ponies represesenting themselves.


Both Ultra Force and HaloArbiter117 responded in almost uncanny unison.

"Why do you both have ponies as your display picture?"

HaloReplicas had wondered after encountering several other videos and articles with the same style of equines.

Almost immediately another response followed.

"It's because of this show, MLP: FIM."

HaloArbiter117 mentioned.

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